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2010 Awards Life Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Chu Xiangping Basic Med. Sciences UM-Kansas City Regulation of Acid-Sensing Ion Channel   Currents by Cocaine I
Conant Gavin Animal Science UM-Columbia Comparative Genomics of Vertebrate Metabolic Networks
Gerhardt Howard Biological Sciences UM-Columbia Polyploid Speciation & the Evolution of Communication System
Gillis Kevin Biological Engineering UM-Columbia Combined Optical & Electrical Measurement of Exocytosis from
Gorski Jeff Oral Biology UM-Kansas City SKI-1 is Required for Normal Mineralization of Primary Bone
Hahm Bumsuk Surgery UM-Columbia Dendritic Cell Therapy to Terminate Viral Persistence
Henzl Michael Biochemistry UM-Columbia Exploring Divalent Ion-dependent Structural Vairations in Pa
Kesler Dylan Fisheries & Wildlife Sci. UM-Columbia Avian Dispersal in a Fragmented Landscape
Kumar Santosh Pharmacy UM-Kansas City Effect of Alcohol & HIV Drugs on Cytochrome P450
McClellan Andrew Biological Sci. UM-Columbia Regulation of Neurite Outgrowth of Reticulospinal Neurons in
Nagel Susan Ob, Gyn & Women’s Health UM-Columbia Estrogen Receptor Conformation to Predict Biological Respon
Pires Joseph Biological Sciences UM-Columbia Improving DNA Barcoding Using Next-Generation Sequencing
Ravosa Matthew Path & Anat. Science UM-Columbia Bisphosphonates & Pathobiology of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
Roberts R. Michael Animal Sciences UM-Columbia Invasive Extravillous Trophoblast Derived from Embryonic Ste
Semlitsch Raymond Biological Sciences UM-Columbia Does Landscape Connectivity Predict Genetic Structure?
Sutovsky Peter Animal Sciences UM-Columbia SPTRX3-Novel Biomarker of Human Infertility & Multiple Pregn
Taylor Jeremy Animal Sciences UM-Columbia An Epigenetic & Transcriptomic Approach to Dissection of a C
Thiel Teresa Biology UM-St. Louis A Genetic Approach to Maximizing Solar Biohydrogen Productio
Waters Samuel Biological Science UM-Columbia Direct Targets of GBX2 Regulating Sensory-Motor Circuitry
Xiong Xi Plant Sciences UM-Columbia Abscisic Acid/Ethylene Interactions in Abiotic Stress Tolera
Yao Gang Biological Engr. UM-Columbia A Correlated fMRI & Pupiliary Light Reflex Study in Children
Yoo Illhoi Health Mgmt. & Informatic UM-Columbia Semantic PubMed Search
Zanne Amy Biology UM-St. Louis Xylem Longevity, Leaf Longevity: Interconnections Beween Ste
Zars Troy Biological Science UM-Columbia Mechanisms of the Pre-Exposure Effect in Memory Formation


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