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2010 Awards Social Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Aguilar Francisco Forestry UM-Columbia Conjoint Analysis of Consumer Willingness to Pay for Ethanol
Arce Moises Political Science UM-Columbia Resource Wars in Northern Peru
Beversdorf David Radiology UM-Columbia Interaction Between Genetics & Stress on Functional Connecti
Bloom Tina Nursing UM-Columbia A Web-based Tailored Safety Decision Aid for Abused Pregnant
Bruce Jared Psychology UM-Kansas City Association between Brain Function & Weight Loss Surgery
Calvert Wilma Nursing UM-St. Louis Health Promotion Practices in Black Noncustodial Fathers
Gerteis Louis History UM-St. Louis The Civil War in Missouri
Johnson Rebecca Vet. Med & Surgery UM-Columbia Mutual Enrichment: Veterans Training Shelter Dogs
Johnstone George Health Professions UM-Columbia Right Parietal Lobe Functioning & Selfessness in TBI: An MRI
Kanne Stephen Health Professions UM-Columbia Adaptation of Multisystemic Therapy for Autism
Kimball David Political Science UM-St. Louis Controversies in Voting Behavior
Lawrence Edward Business UM-St. Louis The Economics of Consumer Behavior for Payday Loans
Li Haitao Business UM-St. Louis New Models & Algorithms for Stochastic Resource-Constrained
McDaniels Pellom History UM-Kansas City The Prince of Jockeys: The Life & Career of Isaac Murphy
Meriac John Psychology UM-St. Louis Beyond Cognitive Test & GPA: Work Ethic in the Academic Envi
Mushaben Joyce Political Scienc UM-St. Louis "Ms-Underestimating" Madam Chancellor: Angela Merkel & the B
Olsen Erik Economics UM-Kansas City Majority Employee-owned Enterprises: A Model for Community E
Rasu Rafia Pharmacy UM-Kansas City Pain Medication Use & Assessment of Prescribing Patterns in
Rengifo Andres Criminology & Crim. Justi UM-St. Louis Dynamics of Crime, Order and Disorder
Rouder Jeffrey Psychological Sci. UM-Columbia Nonparametric Assessment of Human Mnemonic Processes
Stober Clintin Psychological Sciences UM-Columbia An Empirical Test of Decision Making Models Based on Lexicog
Stone Nancy Psychology Missouri S&T Developing Team Efficacy In Computer-Mediated Groups
Wilhelm Stanis Sonja Parks, Recreation & Touri UM-Columbia Reducing Disparities in Children's Physical Activity: A Pilo
Yu Mansoo Social Work UM-Columbia Promoting Positive Youth Development to Reduce Smoking Trans
Zwarun Lara Communication UM-St. Louis Development & Validation of a Smoking Media Literacy Instrum

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