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2011 Awards Physical Sciences

Last name First name Campus Department Project title
He Xiaoming Missouri S&T Math & Statistics Paralletl Munerical Methods for Rea= listic   Coupled Stokes-Dar
Zhang Yanzhi Missouri S&T Math & Statistics Quantized Vortices in Bose-Einstein Condensates
Helfer Adam UM-Columbia Mathematics Nonlinear Quantum Fields & Black Holes
Holmes Stephen UM-St. Louis Chemistry Engineering Magnet & Optical Bistability in One-Dimensional
Bauer Eike UM-St. Louis Chemistry Novel Ruthenium Complexes for Catalytic Amination of Progarg
Wen Xuerong Missouri S&T Math & Statistics On Partial Sufficient Dimension Reduction
Zeng Yong UM-Kansas City Mathematics Statistical Inference for Marked Point Processes & Related
Hor Yew San Missouri S&T Physics Electric-field Assembled Thermoelectric Nanowire Array
Dawes Richard Missouri S&T Chemistry An Accurate Potential Energy Surface for Ozone
Yang Wan Missouri S&T Geological Sci & Eng Peeking into Continent-Building Processes through the Bogda
Chakraborty Uday UM-St. Louis Math & Comp. Sci. Design, Simulation, & Modeling of Fuel Cells Using Different
Montgomery-Smith Stephen UM-Columbia Mathematics Dynamical Behavior of Non-Helical Springs
Walensky Justin UM-Columbia Chemistry Molecular Actinide Chemistry for Non-Proliferation Technique
Dwilewicz Roman Missouri S&T Math & Statistics Hartogs Phenomenon & Local Complex Invariants of Real Manifo
Adams John UM-Columbia Chemistry Encapsulation Dynamics: Exploring M olelcular Motion in Cofi
Holan Scott UM-Columbia Statistics Hierarachial Polynomial Nonlinear Time-Frequency Functional
Speck Angela UM-Columbia Physics Computational Studies of Factors Effecting the Infrared Spec
Wexler Carlos UM-Columbia Physics Workshop: Adsorption at the Nanoscale, a New Frontier in Fun
Chakraborty Sounak UM-Columbia Statistics Statistical Methods for Testing Gene-Gene & Gene-Environment
Gao Stephen Missouri S&T Geological Sci. & Engr. Detection of Hidden Impact Craters Using Receiver Functions:
Baker Gary UM-Columbia Chemistry Carbon Quantum Dots: Eco-Friendly Light Harvesters for Solar
Fisher Thomas UM-Kansas City Mathematics New Multivariate Techniques in Time Series Analysis & Foreca
Bahar Sonya UM-St. Louis Physics & Astronomy Phase Transitions, Clusering & Optimal Mutability in an Evol

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