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2011 Awards Social Sciences

Last name First name Campus Department Project title
Berger Mark UM-Kansas City Law International Criminal Tribunals & the Right to Silence
Kelly Wray Shona UM-Kansas City History Faculty Families of Medieval Bologna
Peterson Zoe UM-St. Louis Psychology Sexual Functioning Among Infertile Couples: A One-Year Longi
Yan Xuemin UM-Columbia Finance Momentum, Reversal, and Investor Overconfidence
Dsouza Newton UM-Columbia Architectural Studies Evaluating Creativity Among Design Students Using a VRLE
Mazurek Micah UM-Columbia Health Psychology Screen-Based Media Use Among Children & Adolescents with Aut
Walker Robert UM-Columbia Anthropology Alloparental Kin Investment & Female Reproductive Strategies
Luo Yuyan UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Early PsychologicalUnderstanding & Domain-general Cognitive
Hawley Kristin UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Increasing the Capacity of Providers to Monitor Fidelity to
Groening Christopher UM-Columbia Marketing Consumer Reactions to Carbon Footprint Labeling
Kirchhoff Brenda UM-St. Louis Psychology Functional Vulnerability of the Brain in Diabetes
Kim Sungyop UM-Kansas City Archit & Urban Plan/Desig Spatial Distribution & Residential Location Choice of Older
Geary David UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Development of Quantitative Competencies in Preschool Childr
Laffey James UM-Columbia Info Sci & Learning Tech iPhySci: 3D-VLE for Use in Online Physical Sci. Education
Patterson Mark UM-Kansas City Pharmacy Effect of Health IT Prescribing Systems on Medication Use &
Prasad Srirupa UM-Columbia Women's  & Gender St= udies Sanitizing the Domestic: Cultural Politics of Hygiene & Gend
Smith Diane UM-Columbia SHP/Occup. Therapy Evaluating the Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit
Johnson Jeffrey UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Reactivation of Encoding-Relataed Neural Activity during Mem
Merritt Stephanie UM-St. Louis Psychology Inquisit by Millisecond Software: Expanding our Capabilities
Winkler Anne UM-St. Louis Economics On the Effect of the Foreclosure Crisis on Family's Living A
Campbell James UM-St. Louis Business Optimizing School Bus Routing in Missouri
Benfer Robert UM-Columbia Anthropology Investigating the First Effigy Mounds in South America
Ward Carol UM-Columbia Path & Anat Sci Fieldwork at the Earliest Australopithecus Site of Kanapoi,

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