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2012 Awards Social Sciences

Last name First name Campus Department Project title
Aupperle Robin UM-Kansas City Psychology Cognitive Training in PTSD
UM-Columbia Ed. Leadership & Pol. Ana A Quasi-Experimental Investigation into the Effects of
UM-Columbia Ed. Leadership & Pol. Ana Suburbanization & the Politics of Diversity
Ferreira Marco
UM-Columbia Statistics Multiscale Analysis to Improve fMRI Temporal Resolution
UM-Columbia Social Work Child & Elder Abuse Thesaurus for an Information Retrieval S
Furbee Nonnie
UM-Columbia Anthropology Documenting Tojol-ab'al Language & Culture in Ritual Context
Merkle Edgar UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Modeling the Locus of Confidence in Category Learning
Meuser Thomas
UM-St. Louis Gerontology Validation of a Clinical Tool in an Enriched Sample
Milyo Jeff
UM-Columbia Economics State Judicial Institutions and Trust in State Courts
Morawitz Elizabeth
UM-Columbia Communication Teen Pregnancy Prevention: An Entertainment-Education
Piasecki Thomas
UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Cue-Elicited P3, Tobacco Dependence, and Craving
Prasad Amit
UM-Columbia Sociology First World Healthcare at Third World Prices: Medical Touris
Rose Amanda
UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Gender & Converstaional Processes in Adolescence & Young Adu
Steege Linsey
UM-Columbia Industrial/Mfg Sys Engr Measuring & Modeling Fatigue-Inducing Factors in Nurses
Taylor George
UM-St. Louis Psychology Neuroendocrinology of Post-Stroke Depression
Vanmarle Kristy
UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Infants' Small & Large Number Representations: One Mechanism
Wright Richard
UM-St. Louis Criminology & Crim. Justi Conflict & Social Control Among Middle-Class Drug Dealers
Yilmazer Tansel
UM-Columbia Human Environ. Sciences Inference Strategies & Information Search in Financial Decis

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