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2013 Awards Physical Sciences

Last nameFirst nameCampusDepartmentProject title


Amitava Missouri S&T Chemistry Exploratory Solid-state Chemistry Towards the Discovery
Girivaru Ravindra UM-St. Louis

Mathematics & Comp. Sci.  

A Hidden Markov Model for NGS Methylation Data
Li Aigen UM-Columbia Physics A Tale of Two Mysteries in Interstellar Astrophysics
Majzoub Eric UM-St. Louis Physics & Astronomy Impregnated Nanostructured Carbons for Li-ion Batteries
McIntosh Daniel UM-Kansas City  Physics Identifying First Generation Elliptical Galaxies
Nath Manashi Missouri S&T Chemistry Synthesis of Complex Nanowires and Their Arrays Through
Oboh-Ikuenobe Francisca Missouri S&T Geological Sci & Engr Reconstructing Holocene Climate History in S. Missouri
O'Brien James UM-St. Louis Chemistry Electroscopy by Furier Transform Methods
Olbricht Gayla Missouri S&T Mathematics & Statistics A Hidden Markov Model for NGS Methylation Data
Peter UM-Columbia Mathematics Quantifying Random Phenomena in High Dimensions
Robbins Michael UM-Columbia Statistics Weighted Methods for Imputation in Complex Survey Data
Schiffbauer James UM-Columbia Geological Sciences A first step in building the NanoGeoLab
Stavraopoulos Pericles Missouri S&T Chemistry Metal-mediated Controlled Radical Polymerizations
Van Horn J. David UM-Kansas City Chemistry Biomedical and Materials Study with Positron Techniques

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