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Course Offerings: How do we set up the course sections?

  • Secondary (Home/Non-Teaching) Institution: 

    • Academic departments for the student's home institution set up a section as they would normally set up a new course section
    • The course may be the equivalent course, or a Topics course if it is not normally offered at the University.
    • The Topics title is then set up in a manner that allows the name of the course to show on the transcript and in the student information system.
    • Attributes:  Sections on the student's home University would carry the course section attribute of "UM Shared Course-Secondary."
  • Primary (Host/Teaching) Institution:

    • Does not set up a separate section
    • Students from the secondary (home/non-teaching) University are entered into the Learning Management System, but not entered by a feed from the PeopleSoft System.  
    • Attributes:  These sections should carry the attribute of "UM Shared Course-Primary."
    • Grades must be transferred securely by the teaching faculty member to the "Instructor of Record" to the secondary University (student's home institution) for recording in the database and on the transcript
  • Course Delivery:

    • Courses must be delivered to partner institutions in an electronic fashion of some type that does not require the student to travel to the primary (host/teaching) University (e.g. online, Tegrity, Video, etc.)
    • Delivery standards need to be discussed as part of the agreement between the two (or more) participating departments
    • Students are not required to leave their home University
    • If proctored exams are needed, the cooperating departments at the other University are responsible for working out the details

Reviewed 2019-08-24