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Course Sharing Agreements: How do agreements get developed?

  • Faculty members propose course sharing and departments/ academic units make agreements across campuses
    • Agreements are made between academic departments, with the consent of the department chair from each campus
    • For UM funding, course proposals went through the applications process and had to be approved
    • Depending on campus policy, online courses may need to meet online delivery certification approval by the primary (host/teaching) campus in order to be scheduled as an online course
  • Course may be courses that both campuses already teach, courses that only one campus teaches, or new courses
    • Courses may be shared across different disciplines/departments
    • If there is not a "parallel" department, chairpersons contacted the chair of the departments that most closely aligned and through with the course would be offered
      • An example would be a campus that does not have Journalism may contact the English or Communication departments
      • These courses could then be offered and recorded as a Topics course
  • Students do not initiate request for courses to be offered, generally. However - 
    • If they had a course that they wish to be considered for a course sharing agreement, students were directed to the chair of the academic department on their home campus.
    • If the secondary (home) campus wanted to initiate a new agreement, it would have then worked with a potential primary (host/teaching) campus.

Reviewed 2014-12-24.