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Browser Information

Browser Compatibility:

myVITA features work best in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers. Internet Explorer is not recommended because of issues with functionality and display. Please set your browser to accept pop-ups from the myVITA site to ensure an optimal experience.

If you are unable to login, you may have an outdated browser. Please ensure the browser you are using is current as of:

  • Chrome 50 or newer
  • Firefox 45 or newer
  • Safari 9 or newer
  • Opera 36 or newer
  • Edge 25.10586 or newer
  • IE 11 or newer

If you have concerns about your browser, or need assistance upgrading, please check with your IT Pro.

How to bookmark myVITA in your browser:

For your protection, a layer of security is in place that may make it difficult for you to automatically bookmark the link to myVITA. The following instructions will guide you on how to manually bookmark the correct link in your browser.

How to Assign a Delegate in myVITA:

The myVITA Access Settings feature allows faculty to choose another person as a delegate. Delegates whom you select will be able to enter information for you. To learn more about how to set up a delegate, click here: How to Choose a Delegate PDF file


myVITA Application - How to Enhance Readability PDF file

Campus Help

For help in entering your information, email the myVITA Support Team, or contact your campus myVITA team. Your campus will notify you or your department about training opportunities.

Vendor Online Training

MyVITA has a variety of online training resources that were developed by the vendor, Data180, to help faculty learn and navigate the new system.  Help content includes:

  • Videos for faculty
  • Videos for system administrators
  • Webinars

These materials can be accessed by clicking the Help link in the top menu of myVITA. The system also has Help bubbles with question marks near many sections or fields that can be clicked to access contextual help.

Reviewed 2019-08-05