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We use two products from the vendor Interfolio – one product we’ve rebranded as myVITA and another titled Review, Promotion and Tenure or RPT. We have access to to a third product from Interfolio that they make available to all customers which is called Dossier. UM System faculty can access all products from a single location -

Since we have a single location to access Interfolio materials, we provide links below to items common to all products and separate sections for myVITA – where you enter your accomplishments and RPT where you will manage promotion or tenure and in 2022 your annual evaluations.


General Assistance

Browser Information

Browser Compatibility:

myVITA features work best in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers. Internet Explorer is not recommended because of issues with functionality and display. Please set your browser to accept pop-ups from the myVITA site to ensure an optimal experience.

If you are unable to login, you may have an outdated browser. Please ensure the browser you are using is current as of:

  • Chrome 50 or newer
  • Firefox 45 or newer
  • Safari 9 or newer
  • Opera 36 or newer
  • Edge 25.10586 or newer
  • IE 11 or newer

If you have concerns about your browser, or need assistance upgrading, please check with your IT Pro.

How to bookmark myVITA in your browser:

For your protection, a layer of security is in place that may make it difficult for you to automatically bookmark the link to myVITA. The following instructions will guide you on how to manually bookmark the correct link in your browser.




Campus Help

For help in entering your information, email the myVITA Support Team, or contact your campus myVITA team. Your campus will notify you or your department about training opportunities.






UM Training Materials

General Guides

Profile Form

Activities Form

How to Assign a Delegate in myVITA:

The myVITA Access Settings feature allows faculty to choose another person as a delegate. Delegates whom you select will be able to enter information for you. To learn more about how to set up a delegate, click here: How to Choose a Delegate PDF file



RPT Logo

Review, Promotion and Tenure

Candidate Help Links

Committee Member Help Links

Committee Manager and Administrator Help Links

RPT will be managed differently on each campus. Some of the information below is primarily for creating cases and requesting external evaluations. Please check with your campus coordinator for specific information regarding who creates the cases and manages users, templates, and committees.

  RPT Canvas Course Links for Committee Managers

RPT Canvas Course Links for Campus Administrators

Managing Users

  Creating and Managing Templates

   Creating and Managing Committees

   Creating and Managing Cases

   Working with Case Data and Candidate Forms

   Communicating with Candidates and Committee Members

   Managing Documents

   Requesting External Evaluations

   RPT Reports & Logs





Interfolio "Dossier"

A component of our Interfolio instance is a product termed Dossier. Each faculty member and most graduate students will have an account in Dossier. This is a private account to help you collect and manage materials for your professional reviews. You will be the only one to see what’s in your Dossier, and you can keep it for life (however, if you leave the UM System, you will need to contact Interfolio to transfer to a free personal account). 
Your Dossier account includes several features that should make it easier to manage and understand reviews—before, during, and after any formal deadlines. Several of the features duplicate myVITA, however, and are designed primarily for institutions that don’t use the myVITA product. Graduate students may find Dossier most beneficial as they prepare for a job search.

From within your Dossier you can: 

  • Store documents, images, videos, and links to online work in your account
  • Request and store reusable letters of recommendation, submitted directly by the letter writer to Interfolio and kept confidential
  • Organize your materials into “collections” for different purposes—for example, fellowship applications, tenure reviews, or grants
  • Reuse previously submitted/assembled materials when participating in formal reviews through Interfolio
  • Solicit and receive feedback from others on your campus in advance of reviews

Reviewed 2022-09-01