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Correcting HR Information

If you notice errors in the locked fields in Personal Information, Contact Information, and Current University Position sections of the Profile Form, this information can be changed. Once processed in HR, updates to this section of myVITA will be updated within two business days.

  • If you want to correct your home or cell phone numbers, you can change this setting in myHR “Personal Info” and “Employee Data.” Click here to access myHR.
  • If other information needs to be corrected (such as name, title, etc.) Human Resources on your campus can assist you in correcting it.


To request changes, contact your department HR representative.


Changes must be processed by your department’s Human Resources Facilitator.


To request changes, contact your university HR department at (573) 341-4241 or by email:


Changes must be made by your department HR administrator or by contacting your university HR department at (314) 516-5805.

UM System

To request changes, contact Francie Martin, phone (573) 884-7913.

Reviewed 2021-02-18