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About the Project

Scope of Project

The University of Missouri is currently implementing myVITA, a web-based system for faculty members to report on their research, teaching, scholarship and creative works. This annual review system will integrate data into a searchable repository that can be used to provide comprehensive information on faculty contributions to the academy as well as collaborations with outside entities such as industry, the local community and state agencies.  The faculty activity reporting system will support faculty at all four campuses as well as system administrative offices, extension offices, centers and medical facilities.


In October 2012, the four campus provosts presented a request to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs to research commercially available software options to replace UM's current Faculty Accomplishment System (FAS). The system will provide a single and convenient place for faculty members to archive their achievements in teaching, research, scholarly publications, creative works, and service activities. In addition, collecting faculty activity will help the University of Missouri promote the work and scholarship of faculty to both the internal University community and our external constituencies.

Reviewed 2021-02-18