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Faculty: What role does the faculty play?

  • Secondary (Home/Non-Teaching) Institution Faculty Member:

    • A responsible faculty member must be listed as the Instructor of Record at the secondary University (home of the student).
      • This faculty member must collect the grades and ensure that they are entered into the home institution's student information system for the participating students
      • This faculty member is identified when the two departments agree to participate in the course sharing agreement
      • Answers questions about enrollment and helps the student get connected with the faculty member of the primary (host/teaching) University
  • Primary (Host/Teaching) Institution Faculty Member:

    • Teaches the course
    • Grades the work
    • Transfers the grades securely to the "Instructor of Record" to the secondary University (the student's home University) for recording in the database and on the transcript
      • The primary University instructor should exchange grades with the secondary University instructor via the phone.

Reviewed 2019-08-24