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Previous President's Award for Innovative Teaching

  • The Innovative Teaching Award recognizes faculty who are outstanding teachers and who employ novel and innovative teaching methods to achieve success in student learning.
This Year's Recipient
Year Honoree Department Campus
2019 Johannes Schul Biological Sciences UM-Columbia
Previous Recipients
Year Honoree Department Campus
2018 Nicolas Libre Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Missouri S&T
2017 Bonnie Bachman Economics Missouri S&T
2016 Daniel McIntosh Physics and Astronomy UM-Kansas City
2015 Michael F. Smith Reproductive Physiology UM-Columbia
2014 Dorina Kosztin Physics and Astronomy UM-Columbia
2013 Carl Hoagland College of Education UM-St. Louis
2012 Elizabeth A. Baker  Learning, Teaching & Curriculum UM-Columbia
2011 Klaus H. Woelk Chemistry Missouri S&T

Reviewed 2019-10-25