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Previous President’s Award for Inter-Campus Collaboration

  • The Inter-Campus Collaboration Award recognizes faculty who engage in activities that foster collaboration across two or more campuses of the University of Missouri System. Collaboration may be in the areas of teaching, scholarship, research, service, creativity, outreach or economic development.
2015 Recipients

David L. Albright, Assistant Professor, UM-Columbia
Dale K. Fitch, Assistant Professor, UM-Columbia
Sharon D. Johnson, Professor, UM-St. Louis
Lois H. Pierce, Professor, UM-St. Louis
Marjorie R. Sable, Professor, UM-Columbia

Previous Recipients
Year Honorees Department Campus
2014 Erica Ottis
Carla Dyer
Gretchen Gregory
Clinical Assistant Professor
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Instructor of Nursing
UM-Kansas City

Susann Farberman
Dawn L. Garzón 
Debra Gayer
Diana B. King
Virgina Rahm

College of Nursing
College of Nursing
Sinclair School of Nursing
School of Nursing and Health Studies
School of Nursing and Health Studies

UM-St. Louis
UM-St. Louis
UM-Kansas City
UM-Kansas City

2011 B. Sonny Bal
Mohamed N. Rahaman
Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery,
Professor of Ceramic Engineering 
Missouri S&T

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