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Trans World Airlines Scholarship

2016 - 2017 Guidelines 

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The Trans World Airlines scholarship fund was established to fund students who are performing research in areas which will impact environmental issues.  Students will be selected based on academic accomplishments as well as their research interests.

Scholarship Amount

Proceeds from the Trans World Airlines scholarship fund will be distributed to two law students ($7,000 each) selected by the law schools and to five additional students ($7,000 each) selected by a systemwide selection committee. The law schools may select more students at a reduced scholarship amount. Since there are two separate selections, law students are encouraged to apply through their respective law school as well as through the systemwide competition.

  1. Students must be currently enrolled full-time as Missouri residents as classified by the Registrar's Office for tuition purposes.  Nonresident students with out-of-state tuition waivers do not qualify.
  2. Graduate and undergraduate applicants must be currently enrolled or accepted for admission to an academic program at the University of Missouri in environmental engineering or environmental science. Graduate students are eligible at any level; undergraduate students must have completed 60 hours of college course work, not necessarily at the University of Missouri.
  3. Law students who intend to pursue a career in the area of natural resources or environmental law are eligible.
  4. Prior TWA scholarship recipients are eligible to reapply.
  5. Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of grade point average, GRE scores (where available), research, and other relevant experience.
Application Procedures

Applicants must complete a Trans World Airlines, Inc., Scholarship Application Form and forward it, by March 24, 2017, to the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, 309 University Hall, Columbia, MO 65211. Law students who choose only to apply through the law school should submit the form to the law school on their campus.

All applicants should include with the completed form the following supporting materials: (1) copies of official transcripts for all post-secondary course work (including any transcripts from the University of Missouri) and (2) three letters of recommendation which indicate intellectual capabilities, research experience, and commitment to environmental issues.

A systemwide committee will select recipients from those applicants who do not apply through a law school. The scholarship will be for the following academic year, payable in two equal amounts at the beginning of each semester. Students who complete their studies at the conclusion of the first semester will not be eligible for the second half of the award. All scholarship recipients will be notified in late April through early May, 2017.


At the end of their scholarship year, recipients must submit a report to the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs describing their academic accomplishments during the scholarship year. An annual report will be provided to the Office of the Attorney General. This report will list the recipients and identify them by campus, academic standing, and major. Copies of the recipients' final reports will accompany the annual report.

Deadline, March 24, 2017

Mail application packets to:

TWA Scholarship Committee

Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

309 University Hall

University of Missouri System

Columbia, Missouri 65211

Should you have questions about the applications procedures, please email Ashley Berg at wilsonak@umsystem.edu.

Reviewed 2017-03-21.