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FY17 eLearning Report

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eLearning has evolved immensely in the last decade. Gone are the days when online learning meant simply logging in to upload an assignment with little or no interaction with colleagues or professors. With changing times, options had to change as well. These options vary depending on degree programs and fall along a continuum ranging from exclusively face-to-face courses to a blended use of technology in courses to fully online courses offering levels of interaction with colleagues and faculty.

As a leader in eLearning efforts, our four-campus system has optimized its eLearning capabilities and will continue to build upon them. Each campus offers unique features for their programs and have teams in place to support their eLearning objectives. No two learning experiences are the same, and with customization opportunities, the possibilities of learning are endless - which is even more valuable than the technology.

As part of its strategic plan, the UM System has made resources available for campuses to collaborate and expand eLearning in order to enhance educational experiences while also increasing efficiencies. Intercampus course-sharing allows campus degree programs to expand their expertise to other campuses giving students more course options to choose from.

Remain a leader

As the first online doctoral program and the only online doctoral program in the nation among its peers, the University of Missouri is pioneering the way for eLearning in the industry. There is an incredible demand and a flourishing market for these online opportunities and the university is continuously looking for ways to improve eLearning while providing customizable programs that make learning seamless and enjoyable for students


Convenient education

UMKC’s School of Pharmacy uses a distance TV method combined with an on-site clinical faculty member allowing real-time learning experiences with MU and Missouri State University campuses. UMKC’s School of Nursing program uses an asynchronous format which allows students to log in anytime, anywhere to do their coursework at their convenience. Both of these options are constantly monitored to ensure there is no drop in learning.


Efficient delivery

Through the Delta Lab Project, Missouri S&T delivers experiential learning to all its students. Traditionally, a chemistry course would use six professors and exceed the laboratory or classroom space available. Through this new course design, using three professors, students can now conduct experiments on their own through eLearning instruction. This hands-on experience creates a sense of independence and self-reliability enhancing the learning experience. At the same time, those 3 remaining professors are now able to teach advanced courses which is a win-win for the entire department


At your Service

UMSL’s Gateway for Online and Adult Learners (GOAL) program houses a “concierge service” that provides mentoring and other support services for current and returning online students. This resource serves as a bridge for students to alleviate separation between the student and the campus that they may feel is missing from their traditional learning experience.


FY17 eLearning Outcomes

Reviewed 2023-09-20