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UM System Retirees Associations

Transitioning into retirement does not mean losing the work, life and community connections made during your career. Retirees Associations are available at each UM System university, and they advocate for their retiree communities and actively contribute to the welfare of their institutions. Select your university below to learn more about the affiliated retirees association.

UM Retirees Association Offerings

Retirees association offerings include:

  • Advocacy for retirees
  • University town halls on health care benefits and pensions
  • Social programs and events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Educational programs and other learning opportunities

Stay In Touch

The University of Missouri allows retirees to set a retiree email address in myHR (PDF) in order to receive official communications from the university at the email address of their choosing.

You can also authorize the university to share your contact information with your campus retiree association if you choose. Click “UM Employee Data” and check the box to opt in.

Pension Plan Funding Performance

The university's pension plan (the Retirement, Disability and Death Benefit Plan, referred to as "the Plan") is in good health. Members of the Defined Benefit Plan (DB Plan) and Hybrid Plan, who have a pension benefit under the Plan, can count on receiving the benefits they’ve earned. Visit the Pension Plan Funding Performance webpage to learn more.

The university takes its fiduciary responsibility very seriously and will never waiver from that commitment.

Other Resources

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Past UM Retiree Events

Past events

UM Connection

UM Connection is produced quarterly for the retirees of the four-campus University of Missouri System. The publication is a partnership between the Office of Engagement, the Office of Human Resources and the UM Retirees Association Leaders.




Reviewed 2023-05-15