Contact Information

Name Title/Organization ITPP Activity Phone Number Email
Ryan Rapp Controller, UM System UM System Coordinator 573-882-6435
Brandon Hough Interim Chief Information Security Officer, UM System CISO 573-884-7562
Diane Bartley Manager of Accounting Services, MU MU Campus Representative 573-882-3051
Bob Crutsinger Director, Accounting Services, UMKC UMKC Campus Representative 816-235-1349
John Terrill Assistant Director, Accounting Fiscal Services, S&T S&T Campus Representative 573-341-6468
Mitch Hess Manager of Cashiering, UMSL UMSL Campus Representative 314-516-6608
Jeff Crawford Associate Director, Financial Services, UP Univ. Physicians Campus 573-882-7767
Kay Davis Director, Patient Financial Services UMHC Campus Representative 573-882-7183
Kathy Bunn Counsel, UM System ex officio 573-882-3211

Reviewed 2010-07-09.