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About the Site

How Can this Site Help You?

This site is intended to consolidate information, programs, and policies relating to PII in the following areas:

  • Financial Information
  • Student Information
  • Patient / Health Information
  • Human Resources / Personnel Information
  • Information Security in general and
  • Records Management in general.

Through consolidation of the above, we hope to improve the accessibility of information about the university’s obligations relating to PII and help avoid gaps in the management of those obligations.

What Will We Do to Achieve This Site’s Goals?

  • Work collaboratively with groups systemwide to develop and maintain this Information Privacy and Security Resource Center , to serve as a consolidated directory of PII compliance experts and information.
  • Serve as an additional point of contact and support for PII compliance issues, particularly issues of university-wide significance or impact.
  • Encourage a coordinated, collaborative and practical approach to the implementation of new laws with university-wide impact, and the management of PII compliance issues that arise in activities common to many UM units.
  • Offer practical support to UM units in compliance management and self-monitoring.
  • Introduce a more comprehensive, big picture perspective of PII compliance at UM.

What information is available on this site?

Information on PII including, but not limited to, policies, regulations, training, and contact information is available on this site. Should you have additional questions, contact information is also provided.

This site was modeled after the University of Michigan’s Compliance Resource Center website, and information was used, with thanks, from the University of Michigan.

Reviewed 2019-09-03