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Charter for Academic, Student Affairs, Research & Economic Development Committee

The Academic, Student Affairs, Research and Economic Development Committee (“Committee”) will review and recommend polices to enhance quality and effectiveness of academic, student affairs, research and economic development and align the available resources with the University’s academic mission. 

I. Scope 

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Curators on strategies and policies relating to student and faculty welfare, academic standards, educational and instructional quality, intercollegiate athletics, degree programs, economic development, research initiatives, and associated programs. 

II. Executive Liaison 

The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University, or some other person(s) designated by the President of the University, with the concurrence of the Board Chair and the Committee Chair, shall be the executive liaison to the committee and responsible for transmitting committee recommendations. 

III. Ex Officio Member 

The Student Representative to the Board of Curators shall be an ex officio member of the Committee. 

IV. Responsibilities 

In addition to the overall responsibilities of the Committee described above and in carrying out its responsibilities, the charge of the Committee shall include reviewing and making recommendations to the Board on the following matters: 

A. Selection of Curators’ Distinguished Professors; 

B. Approval and review of new degree programs; 

C. Intercollegiate athletics, as specifically outlined in Section 270.060 of the Collected Rules and Regulations with a commitment to the academic success, and physical and social development of student-athletes; 

D. Changes to university-level admissions requirements, academic standards, student services, and graduation requirements; 

E. Quarterly and annual reports providing information on academic programs that have been added, deactivated, or deleted; 

F. Provide oversight over the University of Missouri System’s diversity, equity and inclusion programs; 

G. Highlight successful research and economic development efforts and partnerships; linking research and commercialization from the University with business and industry across the state and around the world; 

H. Additional matters customarily addressed by the academic, student affairs, research & economic development committee of a governing board for an institution of higher education. 

Approved by the Board of Curators: 
4-09-20; Amended 2-4-21; 2-3-22; Amended 2-9-23; 2-8-24. 

Reviewed 2024-02-13