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Organizational Structure Evaluation



The UM Board of Curators is coordinating a discussion and evaluation of alternative organizational structures for the University of Missouri System. The goal of the discussion is to determine strategies that will sustain and strengthen academic and research quality, leverage the individual missions of each institution and enhance administrative cost effectiveness, among other considerations.

Guiding Principles

Board of Curators Principles to Guide the Evaluation and Needs for a UM System Administrative Structure

  • Enhance the ability to serve the State of Missouri and its citizens, the primary stakeholders of the UM System.
  • Create effective System leadership combined with effective, agile institutional leadership while maintaining clear delineations of executive responsibility and authority at both the System and university level.
  • While recognizing that clear executive authority is vested in the President, the Curators will be supportive of the work of the chancellors and knowledgeable of student and faculty profiles, programs, research capacity, public services, and other notable aspects of each UM institution.
  • Communicate that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts—that a synergy exists among UM System universities—that they complement each other’s strengths and can accomplish greater things by working together than by working in isolation.
  • Maintain student access and affordability during a time of decreasing government support.
  • Ensure that all students receive a quality education that is characterized by a safe and secure learning environment, intellectual rigor, and respect of differing views and opinions, and evidenced in the academic performance of students and the success of graduates.
  • Ensure that faculty and students are provided with the resources and support to achieve excellence in extramural research and innovative scholarship.
  • Increase racial and ethnic diversity and intellectual pluralism among our students, faculty and staff at our four universities.
  • Seek a cost-effective and quality 21st Century University System that embraces new technologies to deliver widely available education programs and enhanced administrative services efficiently.


June 2018

  • The University Task Force on Governance clarified governance relationships among the Curators, the president and chancellors and collaboration across the UM System's four universities.

March 2020

June - July 2020

  • The Board of Curators facilitated more than 25 discussions with constituent groups systemwide in early June and will continued to meet with groups into July regarding the system's organizational structure. The constituent groups included more than 300 constituents including faculty, staff, students and trustees at each of the four universities as well as community leaders and legislative representatives across Missouri.
  • AGB presented a report for the Board of Curators and administration regarding structural options, including economic and other factors relating to restructuring; trends among higher education systems across the country, the advantages and disadvantages of six structural models and more. The report is intended to support Curator deliberations on options for restructuring and does not offer specific recommendations. Access the June Board of Curators meeting video to listen to the presentation and conversation or access the AGB report.
  • The Board provided an email update to the university community regarding Board deliberations and next steps.
  • An invitation to the July 28 special meeting was sent to the university community.
  • The Board held a special meeting on July 28, 2020 and voted to approve a structural model at that time. Access the resolution or the follow-up note from Board Chair Brncic for additional information.

September 2020

  • Board Resolution revised and approved by the Board of Curators on September 24, 2020.

November 2020

November - December 2020

  • Following the Nov. 19 Board meeting, the Council of Chancellors received and reviewed feedback from nearly 20 email submissions. They discussed and incorporated the input into the reports. Updated versions of the Council of Chancellors Report and Administrative Efficiencies Report were voted on during a Board of Curators Special Meeting on Dec. 6, 2020. Note: changes made based on the input are highlighted in yellow. 

December 2020


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