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Multimedia and Plugins


Our video player of choice is Adobe Flash Player. Click here to download the free software. If you're experiencing problems playing back video, please try restarting your browser or installing the latest version of Flash and restarting your browser.

Our site also uses Windows Media Player and QuickTime files.


This site contains a variety of audio formats, most of which are in Windows Media format and MP3. We recommend Windows Media Player for Windows users and QuickTime for Mac. In addition, some audio is posted as Adobe Flash.


To view PDF (Portable Document Format) files, you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the URL of one of the PDF file into Google Docs' free online viewer.

Microsoft Office files

Some content on this site is posted in Microsoft Office formats such as Word (.doc), Excel (.xls) and PowerPoint (.ppt). Wherever possible, files are backsaved to a pre-2007 version and should be able to be opened in Office versions 1997 or above. We try to avoid saving Office files in the new "Doc X" format that is only compatible with version 2007 or later, though sometimes advanced features contained in the file require we use this format.

If you don't have Microsoft Office, you can try downloading a free viewer from Microsoft. Alternative options include the free suite, which can open most Office files, and Google Docs, a Web-based service that can open most formats.

Alternative formats

For details on accessibility and alternative formats, click here.

Reviewed 2019-08-05