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UM System Style Guide

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The Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing develops and maintains style guidelines for print and electronic publications to protect the value and reputation of the UM System and to ensure consistency for official publications.

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UM System Seal and Signature Line

The University of Missouri Board of Curators adopted the seal on March 31, 1903. This distinctive and historic official seal is the only symbol of the University of Missouri System. The seal embraces all elements of the University and is broadly recognized, displayed, reproduced and respected by the University’s constituencies. Email to request a copy of the seal or the associated UM System signature line.


Click on a template below to download it. You will be prompted for your normal University ID and password. The templates are either in Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint format. It is recommended that you use these templates when preparing materials for official UM System functions, such as Board meetings, and for UM System communications. If you wish to deviate from the templates, follow all guidelines explained in the style guide. Talk with the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing if you need assistance.

Note: There are "template families." For example, Agenda 1 complements Brochure 1, and so on. You may wish to develop documents within the same family, or mix and match.



Employee Email Signature Line

Fact Sheet





When preparing presentations for a Board of Curators meeting, use the following:


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