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All pages should use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for layout and design. This code should reside in external, linked CSS files that have a .css file extension. All CSS files should reside in a directory at the root level of the website (or website section) that is also named “css.” CSS can be embedded in documents for special exceptions not covered by the attached style sheets. In all cases, CSS is to be used instead of local HTML font or style formatting.  Inline style rules should be avoided, if possible.

Pages should also contain a print stylesheet, allowing for a print version that highlights key content.  The Office of University Relations can assist with this as needed.

Tables should never be used for page layout purposes. HTML tables are only to be used for tabular data, and never for any type of layout applications.  Note that in some instances, newsletters can require the use of a table-based layout in order to avoid potential style discrepancies.  Please contact the Office of University Relations at if you need assistance with a newsletter layout.

Reviewed 2019-08-14