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Site Administration

Style policies

The University of Missouri System uses Associated Press style on all pages, with the exception of specially-indicated styles that pertain to the university. These exceptions can be found in the university style guide. While all content is reviewed prior to posting, submitters should proofread content for spelling, grammar and clarity before submission. Due to the specialized nature of much of the content found on our site, it is not always possible for us to identify or correct errors. Web communications reserves the right to edit submitted copy and materials to conform to established policies and procedures.

Other system sites

Please note the sites for individual campuses in Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla and St. Louis are maintained by those campuses; please contact the corresponding campus using the links provided for questions or requests for information.

Requesting updates to Web pages

When making requests, please make note of the following.

Please include the full URL of the page to be changed along with any attached documentation and specific instructions including:

  • Full URL or URLs of the page or pages to be changed
  • Detailed instructions on what needs to be changed, including the location on the page (such as paragraph numbers) of the changes
  • Any supporting documents or files

Requests without a full URL or other necessary information or materials may be delayed.

Digital Service strives to make all reasonable updates within 24 hours or less. Updates that include the creation or editing of more than a few pages will be scheduled individually. Timelines can vary from several days to several weeks depending on the extent of the content. Dynamic pages including forms, automation or database features will be scheduled at a project level.

All updates can be requested via the Digital Service request form, or via

Reviewed 2023-03-28