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Banner Design

The banner for all major portions of the University of Missouri System website should include the standard banner. The elements of this banner include the departmental navigation, the university seal, the UM System signature line in Accord Alt Bold, the city locations of our four campuses, a quick menu and the search bar. This is the top-tier banner for all UM System departments.

For other groups, programs or initiatives at the systemwide, four-campus level of the university, there are two alternate banner styles.  In the first style, the city names are omitted and the words “University of Missouri System” appear above the department or site name; the department or office name responsible for the site appears below.

Please note that every effort should be made to use the code provided in an un-edited form to facilitate easy updates in the future. One of these two banners should be used for sections of the website that are not maintained by the Office of University Relations. 

The following elements are required parts of any website deployed on behalf of a systemwide university department, organization or initiative.

Reviewed 2022-01-28