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Student Curator

Confirmation of the Student Curator

Beginning January 1, 2018, it is the Missouri University for Science & Technology’s “turn” to have a student occupy the position of Student Representative to the Board of Curators, a position we successfully lobbied to create in the 1980s. Once the Intercampus Student Council makes recommendations to the Governor and the Governor makes his nomination, ASUM will begin working with the student’s home senator to ensure a speedy confirmation process.

Normally a straightforward process, it is important to understand the political context of the past two years:

The Student Representative, like other curators, must be nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Missouri Senate. Normally a straightforward process, this changed in 2016, when it became MU’s turn to have a student occupy the position of Student Representative. The Missouri Senate refused to provide a hearing to Patrick Graham, nominated by then-Governor Nixon, prompting Nixon to appoint Graham as an interim appointment after the close of session in May. State law mandates that all interim appointments be confirmed by the Senate within 30 days of the opening of session (January each year). Graham resigned from the position when it became clear that–for myriad reasons, including the 2016 election–his renomination by Governor Greitens was not forthcoming.

After months of the position being unfilled, the Governor appointed Courtney Lauer, a recent graduate of the MU Law School who is earning an additional degree, in July.

Student Voting Curator

The Student Curator platform has a long history with ASUM. After lobbying successfully for the creation of the position in 1984 and calling for it to be included in closed-door meetings in 1999, we have ardently advocated that the position be granted a vote as a matter of symbolism, accountability, and respect. With students now footing the largest share of the bill relative to state appropriations, we believe it’s long overdue students are given a vote.

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Reviewed 2019-09-06