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Intercampus Course Sharing

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: New round of funding available for faculty interested in intercampus course sharing




Fall 2016 RFP 

Submission Schedule & Forms


  • October 14 - Submit your draft proposal  to be reviewed and approved by a campus Instructional Designer
  • October 21 - Submit your final proposal to your Provost Office for recommendation
  • October 28 - Your Provost Office will forward any recommended RFPs to Academic Affairs for committee review

Faculty Resources

The Intercampus Course Sharing initiative was designed to encourage the sharing of courses among the four UM System campuses to increase options for students, provide opportunities for faculty development leaves, or even expand departmental offerings. Through the initiative courses can be delivered via conferencing software, as a blended or hybrid course, as a fully online class, or through other similar methods. 

Information for faculty


  Information for students


Fall 2016 List of shared courses avaible on the student's home campus

Discipline Campus of Distance Student Subject Catalog Description Campus of Lead Instructor Lead Instructor Instructor of Record
(on Student's Campus)
Civil Engineering MU CIV ENG 4500 Introduction to Construction Management S&T Showalter, William Inniss, Enos
Computer Science UMSL COMP SCI 5700 Computer Systems: Introduction to High Performance Computer Architecture S&T Hurson, Ali Bhatia, Sanjiv
Gerontology UMKC GERON 490B Special Topics: Aging in America UMSL Meuser, Thomas McDowd, Joan
Labor Studies UMKC ECON 340 Collective Bargaining UMSL Giljum, Donald; Russell, Robert; Pezold, Matthew Ancel, Judith; Russell, Robert,; Pezold, Matthew 
Labor Studies UMSL POLI SCI 3890 Labor in the Global Political Economy UMKC Ancel, Judith Ancel, Judith; Russell, Robert
Language & Global Education MU ELPA 9407 Seminar in Educational Policy: Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Global Issues UMSL Cohen, Deborah Dorner, Lisa
Nursing UMSL NURSING 7212 Biostatistics II MU Deroche, Chelsea Records, Kathryn
Nursing UMSL NURSING 7490 Design & Methods MU Phillips, Lorraine Hseuh, Kuei-Hsiang
Nursing UMSL NURSING 7529 Spec Topics in Qualitative System Reviews MU Finfgeld-Connett, Deborah Records, Kathryn
Philosophy (Ethics) UMSL PHILOS 1130 Appoaches to Ethics S&T Finch, Jonathan A. Black, Andrew
Philosophy (Ethics) S&T PHILOS 4345 Philosophy of Science UMSL Black, Andrew Finch, Jonathan
Physics S&T PHYSICS 4001 Special Topics: Relativity and Cosmology UMSL Cheng, Tapei Waddill, George
Physics UMSL PHYSICS 4323 Modern Optics S&T Yamilov, Alexey Bahar, Sonya
Physics (Quantum Mech) UMSL PHYSICS 6463 Quantum Mechanics II S&T Parris, Paul Flores, Ricardo
Political Science S&T POL SCI 3001 Special Topics: Politics of Poverty and Welfare UMSL Manion, Anita Isaac, Tseggi
Soc./Hist. of Technology UMSL SOC 4380 Current Issues in Sociology:
Architecture, Technology and Society, 1750 to present.
S&T Schramm, Jeff Keel, Robert
Social Work MU SOCWK 8220 Integrated Health Policy UMSL Porterfield, Shirley Cary, Suzanne
Social Work UMSL SOCWK 6444 Advanced Social Work Practice in Integrated Health Care MU Cary, Suzanne Johnson, Sharon
Social Work UMSL SOC WK 6900 Social Policy and Mil Veterans: Mil Cultures and Helping Professions MU Lewis, Alexandria Pierce, Lois
Social Work MU SOCWK 7001 Topics in Social Work: Social Policy & Military Family UMSL Craig, James Richard Sable, Marjorie
Tech. Writing S&T ENGLISH 3001 Special Topics: Advanced Business and Technical Writing: Publishing UMSL Allison, Jeanne Malone,Ed A.
Tech. Writing S&T ENGLISH 3560 Technical Writing UMSL Klein, William Malone,Ed A.
Tech. Writing UMSL ENGLISH 4160 Special Topics In Writing: Usability Studies S&T Wright, David Malone,Ed A.
Tech. Writing S&T TCH COM 3570 Writing in the Sciences UMSL Klein, William Malone,Ed A.

Reviewed 2016-10-13.