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Intercampus Course Sharing

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: New round of funding available for faculty interested in intercampus course sharing




Fall 2017 RFP 

Submission Schedule & Forms


  • September 29 - Submit draft proposal to an Instructional Designer in your Educational Technology Office (see listed of offices below)

Note: Using the guidelines and forms below under Faculty Resources; discussions, feedback, and agreed upon implementation with the Instructional Design team are required before your proposal can be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office.  

  1. Faculty will have two weeks from the date listed above to work with Instructional Designers and develop a final version of their proposal.  
  2. On or before the end of the two week review period, a member of the Instructional Design staff will submit the completed proposal to the Provost Office for review.  
  3. The Provost Office will have one week in which to recommend proposals for final committee approval.
  4. Final committee approval and award notification will occur towards the later part of the semester. 
Campus Ed. Tech. Office Contact Info. Phone Email
MU ET@MO 130 Heinkel Building (573) 882-3303 etHELP@missouri.edu
S&T EdTech 102 Centennial, 300 W. 12th St. (573) 341-4131 edtech@mst.edu
UMKC UMKC Online Miller Nichols Library (816) 235-6595 online@umkc.edu
UMSL CTL 519 Lucas Hall (314) 516-4508 ctl@umsl.edu

Faculty Resources

The Intercampus Course Sharing initiative was designed to encourage the sharing of courses among the four UM System campuses to increase options for students, provide opportunities for faculty development leaves, or even expand departmental offerings. Through the initiative courses can be delivered via conferencing software, as a blended or hybrid course, as a fully online class, or through other similar methods. 

Information for faculty


  Information for students


TENATIVE Fall 2017 List of shared courses available on the student's home campus

Discipline Campus of Distance Student Subject Catalog Course Title Campus of Lead Instructor Instructor of Record (on Student's Campus)
Architectural Studies/History S&T HIST 4001 Guiding Dsgn Hist Preservation   Schramm, Jeffrey
Civil Engineering S&T CV ENG 5001 Transportation Safety
  Sun, Carlos
Civil Engineering MU CV ENG 4500 Research Masters Project in Computer Science   Xu, Dong
Gerontology UMKC GERN 410R Aging In Contemporary Society   McDowd, Joan
Gerontology UMSL GERN 4050 Narrative Experiences in Aging & Health Care   Meuser, Thomas
Labor Studies UMKC ECON/
American Labor History   Ray, Gerda
Labor Studies UMKC POL SCI 370/
Labor Law / Government And Politics Seminar   

Woodson, Benjamin

Language & Global Education MU ELPA 9407 Seminar in Educational Policy     
Latina/Latino Studies UMKC LLS 300 Special Topics in Latina/Latino Studies    Torres, Theresa
Nursing MU NURS 9120 Philosophical and Theoretical Basis for Research   Wipke Tevis, Deidre
Nursing MU NURS 9410      
Nursing MU/UMKC NURS 8002/      
Nursing UMSL NURS 7212      
Philosophy (Ethics) UMSL


Philosophy (Ethics) S&T


4345 Philosophy Of Science    Finke, Darin
Physics (Quantum Mech) UMSL PHYSICS 6463 Quantum Mechanics II    Majzoub, Eric
Political Science UMKC POL SCI 408 Judicial Politics    Woodson, Benjamin;
Graham, Barbara
Social Work UMSL


6444 Integrated Health Care    Johnson, Sharon
Social Work UMSL


Tech. Writing S&T


Tech. Writing S&T TCH COM
3570 Writing in the Sciences     
Tech. Writing UMSL


4160 Special Topics in Writing   

Klein, William

Reviewed 2017-10-02.