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Staff Directory

Katie Wilkinson

Interim Manager
(573) 882-7474

  • Provides management of the work within UM-IR
  • Leads and coordinates Student and Human Resource Census and Compliance Processes
  • Embeds planning into the Data Management, Analysis, and Reporting efforts

Ronald D. Thompson, PhD

Senior Research Analyst
(573) 884-6674

  • Access to UMDW HR and Student census data tables and to UM IR SharePoint site
  • Research design and statistical analysis
  • HR census and compliance processes
  • UM Government Relations Legislative District Profiles
  • Delaware Cost Study
  • Faculty Instructional Workload Adjustment Report
  • Five-Year Post Tenure Review Report
  • UM eLearning Report
  • UM Undergraduate Admissions Success Report
  • COPHE Funding Formula

Randy Sade, MBA

Senior Research Analyst
(573) 884-9201

  • Federal and State compliance reporting
  • State performance funding
  • Student census and compliance processes
  • Degree Completions Report
  • Student enrollment
  • Graduation and retention rates
  • Financial studies
  • NSF and research funding
  • Maintenance of Executive Data Reference
  • Website updates

Steve Winters, MS Computer Science

Research Data Architect
(573) 882-0116

  • Student data, PeopleSoft and legacy
  • Enrollment, retention, transcripts, course, room usage data
  • Projects that improve architecture, reporting, and display of student data
  • Data and analytical support to Vice Provost for Undergraduate studies at MU

Susan Halsted

myVITA Specialist
(816) 235-6446

  • Administration of the myVITA faculty information system
  • Facilitate faculty evaluations including annual reviews and 5-year post-tenure reviews
  • Provide ad hoc reports as needed on faculty activities 
  • Manage security and access for administrative and reporting rights 
  • Manage design and configuration of the system setup

Christy Ludeman

Business Support Specialist II
(573) 882-4077

  • Assist leads of University Data, Analytics, & Institutional Research (UDAIR)
  • Coordinates general office duties, fiscal and budget summaries; HR policies and procedures
  • Responds or redirects general inquires to appropriate analyst 
  • Schedules conference and meeting travel 
  • Prepares and formats documents for UDAIR

Reviewed 2024-05-28