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Tuition Settlement Scholarships

NOTE: If you are experiencing difficulties completing the APPLICATION FORM, please contact Harold Berndt at 573-882-6585 or via email at

Students eligible for the University of Missouri Tuition Settlement Scholarships can find related information on this page, as well as an online application form.

Qualifying Student must meet the following requirements; view the full Tuition Settlement Agreement here

In order to be eligible for a TSS, qualifying students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have attended one of four (4) University of Missouri campuses (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, St. Louis) during the period from Winter Semester 1995 through Fall Semester 2001 inclusive; and
  • Was a Missouri Resident Undergraduate student at the time of attendance; and
  • Was at least 16 years of age, but under age 22 on the first day of class in at least one semester during this time period.

In addition, spouses and children of qualifying students are also eligible for the TSS.  Additional documentation is required as part of the application process:

  • If you are a spouse you must submit a copy of a marriage certificate and a notarized attestation of marriage
  • If you are a natural child you must submit a copy of your valid birth certificate
  • If you are an adopted child you must submit a copy of the adoption decree
  • Send documenting information to the name and address below
  • You may fax documenting information to the name and address below


Contact Information

For questions please contact:

Harold Berndt

Director of Payroll and Tax
University of Missouri System
(573) 882-6585

Reviewed 2023-09-22