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Microsoft 365 FAQs

You can get Microsoft 365 information at our Microsoft 365 Resource page.


This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Microsoft 365 for UM System.

What is Microsoft 365?
Microsoft 365 Education for students, faculty and staff is a service that enables access to a suite of Microsoft 365 cloud products. It allows us to be a modern mobile workforce and makes collaboration easier with the integrated tools.
Who will have access to Microsoft 365?
Microsoft 365 will be available to all University of Missouri students, faculty and staff members. Not all staff will be allowed to download Office software. The ability to download software was decided by your jobcode. If you believe the inability to download and install the software is incorrect, please contact your IT Help Desk.
Courtesy appointments will receive a free Microsoft license which allows for online use only for MS365 applications. If a College or Department would like to purchase an A3 License (this adds access to Teams and Sharepoint), a MoCode should be provided and an annual license can be purchased for these users.
Will retirees have access to Microsoft 365?
Retirees will retain their current email service. Retirees will not have access to the other applications that Microsoft 365 offers.
Will faculty and staff members who purchased Microsoft 365 for a personally owned laptop be able to get reimbursed?
If you own a personal version of Microsoft 365 you may keep using your personal version alongside the Enterprise version. Upon logging in, you will be asked which version you would like to log in to. However, no reimbursement for personal purchase of the software will be made.
How many devices may I download Microsoft 365 for desktop or mobile use?
Office applications can be installed on up to five devices per user.
To access your OneDrive files on your devices, the following tutorials will help you download and manage the application:

If I install Microsoft 365 on another device, how do I log in?
Microsoft 365 is licensed by UM System your University user ID and will have your account associated with it. You should log into every device with the same login ID and password.
If I have a prior version of Microsoft 365, will I lose any features?
It will depend on what license you had before you start using Microsoft 365 at the University.
What happens to the current version of Office on my University-owned computer? Will Microsoft 2016 stop working? Do I need to upgrade?
It’s not necessary to upgrade. Eventually, updates will be pushed to University-owned computers. Although office 2016 will continue to work, the ultimate goal is to utilize the full value of Microsoft 365. If you have plug ins or software that requires Office 2016, please start talking to your IT professionals now.
What happens when I leave the University or move to another unit?
If you leave the University, you will need to download or backup any of the documents you need to take with you. When your account is decommissioned, you will lose access to any Microsoft 365 applications you used through your University account.
If you transfer to another unit, you will still have access to your personal documents on OneDrive and access to all applications. You may lose access to shared resources, sites, and teams in Microsoft Teams.
Will the University use Microsoft Mobile Device Management (MDM) to manage automatic download of Microsoft 365 to mobile devices?
At this time, the University is not using MDM to manage deployment of the applications to mobile devices. Users will be responsible for downloading the mobile applications to their devices if they choose to use the applications on those devices.
Can I see how many of my five Microsoft 365 ProPlus licenses I have used?
Yes. First, log into Microsoft 365. Then, click on your avatar in the very upper right corner of the screen. Click My Account, then click View apps & devices and click the down arrow beside DEVICES. You will see which device(s) has the application(s) installed for each license.
Do you need both Office 2016/2019 and Microsoft 365?
No. You do not need both. Your IT administrator installs the Office 2019 suite on your campus workstation. You have the choice to use Microsoft 365, free of charge, through UM System licensing on your personal computers, tablets, and smartphones (up to five devices).
How do I get Microsoft 365?
Your IT professionals are working on deployment options. You should hear from your IT professional in your department soon regarding deployment.
Who can I contact for help?
Contact your local IT Help Desk for assistance.

Applications and Security

This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the applications available in Microsoft 365. This article also provides answers to questions about security. For answers to other questions about Microsoft 365, see the additional FAQ topics listed at the end of this article.

What applications are included in the University’s Microsoft 365 license?
Microsoft 365 offers a host of applications for seamless collaboration, communication, and productivity. Tools included in UM’s Microsoft 365 access include Outlook, Word, Sway, SharePoint, and more. Learn more about available applications by visiting the resources page.
Can you access Microsoft 365 applications online?
Yes, Microsoft 365 applications are available online and downloadable for your desktop.
Will Access and Publisher be available?
Access and Publisher are not available online, but they are available to download and install on your desktop. (Windows only)
What information should not be stored on Microsoft 365 applications?
Microsoft 365 and its applications are approved by the University for data storage up to DCL4. However, departments should request approval from their campus ISO before storing sensitive data in any O365 application.
For more information about DCL4 you can visit the UM Information Security pages.
Do we have full privacy of information and ownership of intellectual property in Microsoft 365?
Microsoft is contractually obligated to protect customer data. They do not use customer data or derive information from it for advertising. Learn more about intellectual property privacy on the Microsoft Microsoft 365 website.
Will my email be scanned for malicious content?
Yes, you can learn more about Outlook spam filters and anti-malware protections on the Microsoft Office website.
How do I sync my SharePoint library?
Follow the instructions on this Microsoft support web page to sync your SharePoint library.
How do I upload documents to OneDrive for Business?
Video example:
Can I edit documents in OneDrive without downloading and uploading new versions?
You can edit files within OneDrive for Business using the web app versions of Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. To open a file within OneDrive for Business, click on the file name and choose “Edit Document” and then “Edit in Web App” from the top menu bar. When you share a document with another user, you can choose whether to give that user editing rights. OneDrive for Business will remember the ten most recent versions of edited documents.
Can I edit documents simultaneously with other people?
Using the online version of Microsoft Office, you can also collaborate and work on documents at the same time as your colleagues. See Microsoft’s Use Office Online to Work Together in Microsoft 365 documentation for details.

Reviewed 2020-08-28