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Microsoft OneDrive allows you to securely store your files in a single place that's accessible from multiple platforms and devices. With OneDrive, you can share files for collaboration in real time with the other Office applications. Most platforms have applications to synchronize your documents on OneDrive with versions on your local device. OneDrive also helps with recovering from accidental deletions or malware attacks.

OneDrive does not use the portal for authentication; be sure to use to log in.

OneDrive may not be the preferred cloud storage platform at every campus. Work with your campus IT support team for more information.

  • Active students, faculty and staff are eligible to use OneDrive.
  • There are no costs to use this product.
  • OneDrive is available in the Microsoft Office 365 portal and can be directly accessed at
  • OneDrive Sync is available as a mobile and desktop application.
  • Users have up to five TB of storage.

The University help desks can help you get logged in and started. Please use the training resources below as your primary source of support.


Reviewed 2022-09-06