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Statement from University of Missouri Board of Curators

Pamela Henrickson, chair of the University of Missouri Board of Curators, released the following statement today:

Yesterday during executive session, the Board of Curators voted unanimously to reject the appeal filed by MU assistant professor Dr. Melissa Click, upholding the termination of her employment approved by the board on February 24. In the board’s view, her appeal brought no new relevant information to the curators.

This action by the board completes the discipline and appeals process for Dr. Click. Dr. Click was treated fairly throughout this matter, including meeting with investigators multiple times to share information as well as her opinion; providing investigators with a list of favorable witnesses, with every attempt made by investigators to meet with those suggested by Dr. Click; ample opportunity, along with her legal counsel, to review and provide comments to the investigator’s report, which included all documents, videos and witness statements in the report, before the final report was even reviewed by the board; and finally, Dr. Click’s opportunity to appeal the decision of the board.

We consider this matter now closed and are moving forward as a university and as a community.


To access Dr. Click’s appeal, please visit

To access the Board of Curators response to the appeal, please visit

Reviewed 2016-03-15