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UM System administrators consider options for Providence Point

Posted April 25, 2012

University of Missouri System administrators are considering options for the future of Providence Point—the home used for the UM System President—after routine work showed the need for more significant restoration that will likely require significant investment.

UM System Vice President of Finance and Administration Nikki Krawitz said that during routine work on the home in order to ready it for the new president, university workers uncovered immediate issues that needed to be addressed, including the presence of mold as a result of previously unidentified leaks in several rooms; asbestos in the subflooring and on the walls as a joint filler; and code compliance issues for the fireplace, electrical system and stairwell baluster.

“These are issues that must be addressed immediately, but they do not represent the full scope of the work needed to maintain the building over time or make it a comfortable, functional home for a family,” Krawitz said. “As with any building that is more than 40 years old, we anticipate in the next few years the need for more extensive work, including exterior work to the structure’s roof, windows, doors and siding, HVAC needs, repaving of the asphalt drive and parking areas, and updates to the bathrooms as well as the kitchen so it can serve large numbers of guests entertained at Providence Point. The home also currently has minimal furniture, which will need to be purchased, and the carpet will need to be replaced in the private quarters.”

Because the budget required to complete these renovations and updates will exceed what was originally anticipated, the university has decided that the immediate issues should be addressed, as well as changes to the event areas of the home for a total out-of-pocket cost of approximately $88,000. All such costs will be covered by grant funds or earnings from investment income; none will be paid from tuition revenue or state appropriations. Most labor will be provided by existing university staff.

Other work will be put on hold until a decision can be made in the next year about the future long-term use of the house given the investment required to complete the work and the feasibility of raising private funds to address repair, maintenance and modernization of the facility.

“The University of Missouri System has long been committed to being fiscally responsible,” said UM Board of Curators Chair David Bradley. “The university’s Facilities Department has identified a host of issues that need to be addressed, the extent of which will be determined by the university’s long-term plan for Providence Point, including whether to limit the overall scope of work to just make the structure functional as a place for official events, or do a more full-scale renovation so it can serve as a suitable residence for a university president.”

As the future of Providence Point is decided and work on the immediate issues continue, University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe will be provided temporary housing according to the terms of his contract. Assuming sufficient private funds can be raised to complete work on the home in the future, Krawitz said Wolfe and his family have every intention of returning to Providence Point.

About Providence Point

Originally constructed in 1969, Providence Point is approximately 12,000 gross square feet and has a facility replacement value of $2.2 million. One major addition to the home occurred in 1984, and only the master bath and kitchen have been renovated since its construction.

Reviewed 2012-05-29