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Faculty and students to be honored at University of Missouri System Awards ceremony


The University of Missouri System will honor five faculty members and three students for excellence in an awards ceremony Thursday evening, June 10 at Reynolds Alumni Center in Columbia.  The ceremony will be hosted by the University of Missouri Board of Curators and President Gary Forsee and his wife, Sherry.

Curators’ Award for Scholarly Excellence

This award is given annually to the author of the most outstanding book by a faculty member from any one of the four campuses and published by the University of Missouri Press.

Dr. Steve Weinberg

Dr. Steve Weinberg, professor of Journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism, is being honored for his book, A Journalism of Humanity, A Candid History of the World’s First Journalism School.

Written on the eve of the journalism school’s centennial celebration, Weinberg provides an in-depth view of the history of the Missouri School of Journalism from its founding through current times. In crafting the book, Weinberg drew on internal documents and correspondence that uncovers the politics of the school, its struggles over resources and its battle to balance ambition with its professional mission.

Weinberg holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Missouri. He began his career in newspaper newsrooms before moving to magazine and book writing. When in the classroom, he teaches in-depth reporting and writing courses, including a course on covering the criminal justice system.

Presidential Award for Research and Creativity

This award recognizes a faculty member with a sustained record of national and international quality research or creativity.

Dr. Richard K. Brow

Dr. Richard Brow is a curators’ professor of ceramic science and engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

For more than 20 years, Brow has been one of the leading glass scientists in the world, particularly in phosphate glass, which is useful for nuclear waste disposal, laser glasses and sealants. He has produced numerous publications on this topic and has more than $3.8 million in research expenditures to his credit  through 2009.

Brow was the first American recipient of the Gottardi Prize from the International Commission on Glass. He also received an award from R&D Magazine for the development of a sealing glass that was named one of the 100 most technologically significant new products of 1996.

Said one nominator: “One of the best things about Professor Brow is that he doesn’t wear his many achievements on his sleeve. He is a humble person who quietly goes about doing world-class research, enabling the success of many students, visiting professors and faculty. Through his efforts, our university is known the world over for excellence in glass science and engineering.”

Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching

This award recognizes a faculty member for long-term contributions to teaching.

Dr. Frances “Dee” Haemmerlie Montgomery

Dr. Dee Montgomery is a curators’ teaching professor in the Department of Psychological Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

During her 32-year career, Montgomery has received some of the highest possible teaching awards, including 10 Outstanding Teaching Awards from the Committee on Effective Teaching, eight Faculty Excellence Awards, the AMOCO Outstanding Teaching Award and the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Outside the classroom, Montgomery initiated the national psychology honorary society at Missouri S&T and is working with campus administrators to enhance student retention and foster success on campus.

A student of Montgomery’s wrote: “As a woman just starting out in this field, having a woman like Dee to look up to has been invaluable. There has never been a time when I needed advice that she didn’t have the time for me or for anyone else. A frequent sight after any one of her classes is a crowd of students surrounding her, each vying for her attention, and Dee in the middle with her patient smile, giving each student his or her own time to speak.”

Faculty Entrepreneur of the Year Award

This award honors a faculty member for a record of entrepreneurial innovation that demonstrates commercial utility, contributes to the public welfare and brings visibility to the university.

Dr. Peter Sutovsky

Dr. Peter Sutovsky is an associate professor in the Division of Animal Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. He is a nationally and internationally recognized leading scientist in sperm cellular and molecular physiology.

For more than a decade, Sutovsky has focused on novel testing for diagnosing male infertility, measuring fertility in large animals and improving the pregnancy outcome of assisted reproduction. His bio-tech company, AndroLogika LLC., provides new tools for fertility markers. Sutovsky is also one of a handful of researchers working toward marketing a device that would allow law enforcement and laboratory scientists to determine within minutes whether a piece of evidence from a rape kit contains semen.

Writes one nominator of Sutovsky’s: “Dr. Sutovsky continues to contribute in a superior and tangible manner toward the public and translational missions of the University of Missouri-Columbia. His ability to take a discovery that transcends the public in a meaningful way is a much sought after and coveted skill. This is only achieved by a few that truly hold the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Student Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

These awards honor students at one of the University of Missouri’s four campuses who have shown entrepreneurial talent.

Michael Orlando, Jr., Colby Hall and RJ Miller

Michael Orlando, Jr., Colby Hall and RJ Miller received their bachelor’s degrees from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2009 and have founded Interdisciplinary Design Collaborative LLC., which draws on the talents of Missouri S&T students to address specific business opportunities. Such opportunities have included developing algorithms for energy sensor technologies, high-definition video production and creating the iPhone app BarCodeScan, which allows customers to enter a product’s barcode on their phone to receive further information about the product.

Their company has employed more than 40 Missouri S&T students and has drawn recognition from campus leaders and state and national legislators. According to Missouri S&T Chancellor John F. Carney III, “As undergraduates, Michael, RJ and Colby have hit a grand slam with their business. They saw the weak job market and took action…When I see what IDC is doing, I see the exuberance of youth embracing today’s technologies and applying their knowledge in a way that will create true wealth while sharing the opportunity with others.”

C. Brice Ratchford Memorial Fellowship Award

This award recognizes a faculty member who personifies the creativity, vision and leadership exhibited by the late Dr. C. Brice Ratchford, who served as president of the University of Missouri System and dean of cooperative extension.

Dr. A. Curtis Elmore

Dr. Curtis Elmore is an associate professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology. He has married his teaching role with international educational activities that put students at the forefront of developing clean water supplies in remote areas of Central and South America.

Beyond the technical aspects of these international visits, Elmore has created educational programs for children and adults in these villages to combat the superstitions and traditions that limit clean water use. He also continues to promote engineering among female students and initiated a summer camp for junior and senior girls focused on renewable resources and water purity.

A student who travelled with Elmore on an international visit said, "It was one of the best educational experiences of my life…His program truly helps students understand how the abilities gained through education can be used to make a profound impact on the world in which they live. I, along with countless other students, owe him a debt of gratitude for helping me to find my true calling in life.”

Reviewed 2011-04-29