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UM Board of Curators approves 2023-24 tuition rates for all four universities


Christian Basi

Tiered rates designed to be more predictable for students, families and encourage faster time to graduation.

COLUMBIA, Mo.— The University of Missouri Board of Curators today approved tuition and required fees for the 2023-24 academic year at all four UM universities (see rate table below). The rates reflect a new tuition structure approved by the board last year, which was designed to enhance predictability, improve completion rates and shorten the time to graduation, thus reducing the amount of money students and families need to put toward higher education.

“The University of Missouri is mindful about all decisions affecting student debt, success, and time to graduation,” said Michael Williams, chair of the UM Board of Curators. “The new tuition model will make it easier to understand and plan for the costs of education while also providing a pathway for students to graduate in less time with less debt as they transition from college into the workforce or their chosen post-graduate path sooner.”

In the 2023-24 academic year, every UM university will move to a differential tuition model where students pay a single rate based upon their chosen program of study. Previously, the universities had a standard credit-hour rate with 64 separate course fees that were added based upon the type of course that was chosen. For example, students taking an engineering class and a history class would pay different rates for each class. The old structure created confusion, as tuition and fees would change significantly when students took different courses during their college career. 

By moving to a differential tuition model and eliminating course fees, students and parents will know exactly how much the chosen major will cost each semester and will not be surprised by additional course fees showing up on a statement. The new rates will go into effect for the fall 2023 semester.

Additionally, the University of Missouri-Columbia and Missouri University of Science and Technology will have plateau rates — or flat rates — for undergraduate students taking between 12 – 18 credit hours. The plateau rates at MU and S&T encourage students to take an average of 15 credit hours each semester, which will help them graduate sooner and join the workforce faster, potentially saving them and their families thousands of dollars in higher education and living expenses. The plateau rates also allow students to explore other course options they might not have considered in the past due to added costs.

Graduate students will also have differential tuition based on their chosen field of study but will not have a plateau rate.

“We know how budgeting for college can be complicated, but when they attend a University of Missouri campus, they will be able to plan better knowing what their costs will be,” said Mun Choi, president of the University of Missouri. “We already have the highest graduation rates among all public universities in Missouri and the new tuition structure will enable our students to complete their undergraduate degrees sooner, thereby reducing cost of attendance. I'm so proud that our graduates have a 95% placement rate, one of the highest in the country. Whether it's entering the workforce, serving in the military, or continuing their education through a graduate degree program, graduates depart our campuses as empowered individuals to make a positive, transformational impact in their communities and beyond."

The university will maintain separate Student Activity, Recreation Center and Student Health fees. These fees fund infrastructure and services that are requested by the student body and support the student experience.

More detailed information about tuition rates and cost can be found on each individual university’s website.

Approved Undergraduate Differential Tuition Plateau Semester Rates, effective Fall 2023 Plateau rates are for students taking between 12 – 18 credit hours per semester. Students taking less than 12 hours will be assessed a per-credit hour fee based on the tier for their major. Students taking more than 18 hours will be assessed the plateau rate and a per-credit hour fee for any additional hours.

MU Resident Non-Resident
Tier 1 $6,500 $16,600
Tier 2 $7,400   $17,500
Tier 3 $8,300 $18,400
Missouri S&T Resident Non-Resident
Freshman Rate $6,500   $15,200
Tier 1 $6,500   $15,200
Tier 2 $7,500 $16,200
Tier 3 $8,500 $17,200

Approved Per Credit Hour Undergraduate Differential Tuition Rates, effective Fall 2023
Plateau rates are not available at UMKC and UMSL

UMKC Resident Non-Resident
Campus Base/Essentials/Core 42 $373.00 $973.00
Base Programs  $373.00 $973.00
Education $388.50 $988.50
Conservatory $420.00 $1,020.00
Health Studies $444.00 $1,044.00
Bloch School $450.00 $1,050.00
Dental Hygiene $465.00 $1,065.00
Engineering & CS $483.00 $1,083.00
Nursing $534.00 $1,134.00
UMSL Resident Non-Resident
Tier 1 $480 $1,194
Tier 2 $541 $1,255
Tier 3 $584 $1,298
Tier 4 $593 $1,307

Approved Per Credit Hour Graduate Differential Tuition Rates, effective Fall 2023

MU Resident Non-Resident
Tier 1 $500 $1,250
Tier 2 $535 $1,285
Tier 3 $575 $1,325
Tier 4 $650 $1,400
National Market Minimum: $575 – Maximum $1,400
Missouri S&T  Resident Non-Resident
Tier 1 $550 $1,000
Tier 2 $625 $1,075
Tier 3 $725 $1,175
Tier 4 $750 $1,200
UMSL Resident Non-Resident
Tier 1 $614 $1,460
Tier 2 $661 $1,507
Tier 3 $769 $1,615
Tier 4 $889 $1,735
UMKC Resident Non-Resident
Graduate Base $488 $1,255
Nursing $707 $1,327



Reviewed 2023-05-18