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Media statement regarding Gov. Jay Nixon’s public higher education proposal


Christian Basi

January 21, 2009

Gov. Jay Nixon took bold action this morning in support of public higher education and acknowledged the need for higher education to be more accessible and affordable, particularly in the most challenging economic times. The governor's actions are all the more significant because they go against the national trend of declining state support for higher education followed closely by increases in tuition, which is common in these recessionary times.

The University of Missouri's four campuses have pledged to continue being great stewards of the state's resources and will heighten accountability and collaboration to be sure high quality is coupled with high efficiency in our public higher education system.

Gov. Nixon's proposal for funding in FY10 is to uphold the FY09 level. We now have the opportunity to plan appropriately while working to ensure the university's core missions of teaching, research, service and economic development are not jeopardized.

The University of Missouri has pledged to Gov. Nixon that we will not raise undergraduate tuition or fees in the FY09-10 academic year. It is our intention - and our commitment - to ensure that a college education remains affordable and attainable to all who desire to lay the foundation for a bright future.

We pledge our full support of this proposal as the governor's plans are taken to the Missouri General Assembly.

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