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University of Missouri Enhances Admissions Policy

Contact: Jennifer Hollingshead

Office: (573) 882-0601


The University of Missouri recently enhanced admission requirements to accept even more high-achieving Missouri students who are applying for admission to any University of Missouri campus for enrollment beginning the fall of 2006.

Under the enhancement, any student attending a Missouri high school who ranks in the top 10 percent of his or her graduating class and completes the college preparatory curriculum which includes at least 17 units of credit (four units of English, four units of math, three units of social studies, three units of science, two units of foreign language, and one unit of fine art) will be eligible for automatic admission to any of the University of Missouri campuses. An ACT/SAT score will still be required. 

“This enhancement will further ensure that Missouri’s best and brightest students are recognized and admitted to the University of Missouri,” President Floyd said.

Under the proposed policy, if a high school doesn’t have rankings, then a GPA of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale for core courses would also guarantee automatic acceptance. An ACT/SAT score would still be required.

Currently, the admissions policy is based on a combination of standardized test scores and class rank, but students who score above 24 on the ACT are automatically accepted.

Reviewed 2010-06-16