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University of Missouri Announces Office Products Contract

University of Missouri Announces Office Products Contract

August 12, 2003

The University of Missouri has awarded a contract to S.G. Adams Office Solutions, headquartered in St. Louis, to provide office supply products to the four University of Missouri campuses.

By harnessing the buying power of all four campuses, the University will reduce office supply costs by approximately $296,000 annually. Service levels will remain high as office supplies will be delivered within one day after placement of orders.

Currently, the Columbia and Kansas City campuses maintain in-house office supply store operations. The University of Missouri-Columbia will take advantage of warehouse space vacated by its general stores operation by relocating the MU Bookstores Distribution Center there from off-campus leased space. This will result in additional savings in excess of $60,000 annually. Most if not all staff currently servicing MU General Stores will be offered positions with S.G. Adams Office Solutions, MU Bookstores Distribution Center, or other University departments.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City also will have additional annual savings of approximately $42,000 as surplus property, currently located in off-campus leased space, is relocated to the vacated campus storeroom. No staff at UM-Kansas City will be affected by this new contract as the campus anticipated this award and did not fill a stores attendant position that recently became vacant.

UM-St. Louis already uses S.G. Adams Office Solutions. UM-Rolla will convert to S.G. Adams when its current contract with another vendor expires August 31.

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