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Board Meeting Agenda


Christian Basi

May 27, 2004

Board News

Public Meeting Notice

Board Meeting Agenda

1 p.m., Thursday, May 27, 2004 in Pierson Auditorium, University Center, University of Missouri-Kansas City Campus

General Business
  • Service mission presentation, UM-Kansas City
  • University President's remarks
Consent Agenda
  • Approval of meeting minutes, April 1, 2004
  • Excerpts of closed meeting minutes
  • Spinal cord injuries and congenital or required disease processes research program proposal
Resources and Planning Committee
  • Strategic planning and performance leadership
Academic Affairs
  • English language proficiency
Finance and Human Resources
  • Preliminary review of the FY 2006 appropriations request for operations, UM
  • FY 2004 external audit scope, UM
  • MU Health Care update
  • Retirement trust actuarial report, UM
  • FY 2004-2005 operating budget, UM
  • Sale of capital project notes, UM
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Establishment of organizational structure and affiliation for development and commercialization of web-
    based agricultural distribution systems software, UM-Columbia, UMC
  • Establishment and funding of restricted account for the interior
    maintenance/renovation/equipment/technology of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, UMC
Physical Facilities
  • Approval of consultant for design services for the Taylor Building addition and renovation, UMC
  • Approval of consultant for design services for the Reynolds Journalism Institute addition and renovation,
  • Approval of consultant for design services for the Hospital Hill parking structure, UM-Kansas City
  • Approval IDX Systems Corporation Contract Amendment, UM
  • Approval of Turbine Generator Number 7 repair, UMC
  • Approval of naming of Plaza North of Paige Sports Arena, UMC
General Business
  • UM Wellness Program update
  • Approval of closed meeting
Closed Meeting

The Board will enter into closed session in the Chancellor's Dining Room, University Center, UM-Kansas City for the consideration of certain personnel, property and litigation, as authorized by law and approved by resolution of the Board of Curators.

Open Meeting

Continuation of any unfinished business

  • Adjourn
  • Information item (no vote taken)
  • Action item (vote taken)

Copies of the Board papers are available before the meeting at these locations: UM University Relations, 828 Lewis Hall, Columbia; University Communications, 300C Administrative Center, UM-Kansas City; News Services, 105 Campus Support Facility, UM-Rolla; and University Relations, 426 Woods Hall, UM-St. Louis. Appropriate charges will be assessed for photocopies.