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On Tour with President Tim Wolfe

In the 60 days prior to officially taking office, President Wolfe visited each of the UM System's four campuses to meet with students, faculty and staff.  Learn more about his visits through the eyes of his student tour guides by clicking the links below:

University of Missouri-Columbia

Natalie Rooney  Natalie Rooney
  Magazine Journalism and English
  Springfield, Mo.





University of Missouri-Kansas City

Antoinette Jackson  Antoinette Jackson
  Business Administration
  Kansas City, Mo.





Missouri University of Science & Technology

Jared Jenkins  Jared Jenkins
  Business and Economics
  Oklahoma City, Okla.





University of Missouri-St. Louis

Eboni Redmond  Eboni Redmond
  Criminology and Criminal Justice
  St. Louis, Mo.





Missouri University of Science & Technology

Michael Bouchard  Michael Bouchard
  Geology and Geophysics
  St. Louis, Mo.





University of Missouri-St. Louis

Saad Sharieff   Saad Sharieff
  Fenton, Mo.





Q&A with Michael Bouchard

Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.

What are you studying? I am a sophomore studying geology and geophysics. 

What was your first impression of President Wolfe?  He is a very engaging and personable individual who genuinely cares for the individual students and their input.  

What surprised you most about President WolfeThe day after our tour, he was announcing Missouri S&T's new chancellor, and I was playing in the Pep band. He was able to recognize me and pick my face out of the crowd. 

What did President Wolfe seem most interested in during his tour?  He seemed genuinely interested hearing the students' input in where they wanted to see the university system go. 

What do you want him to remember most about your campus/program/etc.?  That the students here are dedicated to a high standard of academic performance in STEM fields, but we also have a rich cultural impact. As a member of three bands, a lead in University Drama productions, and someone getting a language minor, I attest to the strength and quality of these programs even here on a science and technology campus. 

What message would you like to leave with President Wolfe when he takes office Feb. 15th?  That the students here are dedicated to a high standard of academic performance, which has grabbed international attention. However, it seems that a lot of Missourians do not know what a resource they have in Missouri S&T.  

Reviewed 2012-02-15.