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On Tour with President Tim Wolfe

In the 60 days prior to officially taking office, President Wolfe visited each of the UM System's four campuses to meet with students, faculty and staff.  Learn more about his visits through the eyes of his student tour guides by clicking the links below:

University of Missouri-Columbia

Natalie Rooney  Natalie Rooney
  Magazine Journalism and English
  Springfield, Mo.





University of Missouri-Kansas City

Antoinette Jackson  Antoinette Jackson
  Business Administration
  Kansas City, Mo.





Missouri University of Science & Technology

Jared Jenkins  Jared Jenkins
  Business and Economics
  Oklahoma City, Okla.





University of Missouri-St. Louis

Eboni Redmond  Eboni Redmond
  Criminology and Criminal Justice
  St. Louis, Mo.





Missouri University of Science & Technology

Michael Bouchard  Michael Bouchard
  Geology and Geophysics
  St. Louis, Mo.





University of Missouri-St. Louis

Saad Sharieff   Saad Sharieff
  Fenton, Mo.





Q&A with Jared Jenkins

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Okla.

What are you studying? I am a senior, double majoring in business and economics.

What were your first impressions of President Wolfe? He was very inviting and endearing, and cared not only about the university, but about me and my career here on campus.

What surprised you most about President Wolfe?  First, that he laughed at my jokes.  Next, that he was really concerned about me and what all I was involved in and what I would be doing after I graduate.

What was an amusing story from his tour?  Probably having the chief of police follow us around. I've never had that on one of my tours.

What was the toughest question that President Wolfe posed to you?  He asked whether I feel as if I am a part of the UM family consisting of the four different schools.  I do.  It is great to have the support of our campuses. 

What did President Wolfe seem most interested in during the tour?  President Wolfe definitely seemed most interested in the labs we have here on campus.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to see as many labs as he would have liked. 

What do you want President Wolfe to remember most about his tour?  What I would like him to remember most is me talking about the non-engineering majors here, as well as the engineering majors.  We have very strong and exceptional non-engineering majors that do just as big of things as our engineering majors.

What message would you like to leave President Wolfe? Congratulations on your new position as president of the UM System.  I expect to hear great things from Missouri S&T and the University of Missouri System. 

Reviewed 2012-02-15.