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Sample Feeder Checklist

  1. Check the Source code in the header record. It must be three characters. Make sure it is upper case. Make sure it exists in table PS_SOURCE_TBL. Make sure it is one which you are authorized to use for your feeder. Since most users are very limited in which Source Codes they use it is probably a good idea to build your own off-line lookup table which contains valid values for your own feeder.
  2. Make use of the Description field. Try to come up with something unique for each feeder. This will make it much easier to identify the feeder at a later date should a reversal be necessary.
  3. The Amount field must have a decimal point. It can be left or right-justified and either left or right-padded with zeros. The leftmost position must contain a negative sign for a credit entry. No dollar signs, parentheses, commas, etc., are allowed. Also note that this is a text field. Packed, signed, or other types of numeric fields are not allowed. It is probably the best practice to right justify and pad left with zeros. This will make it much easier to eyeball the columns for missing decimal points or cents. A missing decimal point will cause the entire night's MoCode feeders to fail.
  4. It is important to be aware of your data. Unless you are attempting to create cash entries your debit and credit amounts should equal zero.
  5. The first column of data should be either an 'H' or an 'L'. Each time an 'H' is encountered the system starts a new journal.
  6. For the Header a valid Business Unit is required. Validate via table PS_BUS_UNIT_TBL_FS, which also contains a useful DESCR of each BU.
  7. The MoCode should be valid. The following query can check this: Select
    speedchart_key From sysadm.ps_speedchart_hdr a where
    • EFF_STATUS = 'A' and a.effdt = (select max(aa.EFFDT) from sysadm.ps_speedchart_hdr aa where aa.EFFDT <= sysdate and
    • SPEEDCHART_KEY = a.SPEEDCHART_KEY and aa.SETID = a.SETID) and a.speechart_key = MOCODE [fill in your MoCode here].
  8. Backup your files. That way if they have to be re-sent for some reason this will be easily accomplished.
  9. Review your file each time you send one. It will probably be easy to spot if something is out of line. Pay special attention to the amount field.

Reviewed 2019-08-05