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ACH Return Items from Commerce Bank

These are the general guidelines that Central Payroll Office uses on daily basis. Commerce Bank has the ACH information available, to authorized users, through their website.

  • Central Payroll Office checks Commerce Bank's website daily for any information that is available concerning ACH returns etc. (The information is updated nightly so the ACH items have come through the bank the day before.)
  • The report on Commerce Bank's website provides the employee's EmplID #, the amount of the return, the effective date and the reason the funds are returned.
  • Central Payroll Office verifies the employee's "Paycheck Data", in PeopleSoft, to ensure the information is correct.
  • Central Payroll Office will send an email to the appropriate campus for the return item and indicate the reason it was returned. (This information will be processed and sent to the campus the day the information is received.)
  • Central Payroll Office will process a CRR to place the funds in the following accounts. (This information is also given in the email that is sent for notification of the return item.)
Columbia Payroll C4705 495000
Hospital Payroll H1493 430000
Kansas City Payroll K8635 495000
Rolla Payroll R2048 706500
St. Louis Payroll S1324 495000
Benefits U0134 833600
System Payroll A0227 742000

There are two ways that funds are returned from Commerce Bank.

  1. The bank returns an ACH item because the account is closed, incorrect transit #, or the bank is unable to locate the account etc.
    • Once the campus Payroll Office receives the email advising them of the return item, they will need to process an Accounts Payable check to refund the employee. (An Accounts Payable check is required when the funds are merely being "replaced" and the W-2 totals should remain as is.)
  2. The Payroll Office requests an ACH item to be returned from the bank.
    • Occasionally a Payroll Office will need to ask for funds to be returned from the bank. The most common example of this situation is an overpayment, paid an incorrect amount, or a keying error pertaining to the transit or account number
      • When the campus Payroll Office needs to request funds to be returned from the bank they should contact Central Payroll, by email, with the Employee's Name, EmplID, pay date, and the reason they are asking for the funds to be returned. (Note: We are unable to request funds be returned due to personal reasons.) This request should be sent, to the "Central Payroll Office" inbox, as soon as the Payroll Office is aware of the problem. The earlier Central Payroll Office receives this information the better the chance of actually retrieving the funds back from the bank. Recovery is less likely with each day closer to payday. The best possible chance for recovery is when the return item is requested on the same day payroll is transmitted to the bank. When a request is processed on or the day before payday, the processing time is greatly increased. An example of this situation is when Central Payroll Office receives and processes an ACH return item the day before payday. The return information can not be verified before Friday, at the earliest, and very possibly not until Monday.
      • Central Payroll will process the request immediately.
      • Once it is verified that the bank was able to retract the funds. Central Payroll will send an email advising the campus Payroll Office that their request has been successful.
      • When appropriate, Central Payroll will process a CRR placing the funds in account A0213 495000.
      • When appropriate, Central Payroll will process a reversal. (A reversal is applicable when the W-2 totals need to be corrected.)

Reviewed 2019-08-05