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  • Default is 0 if a detail program is not used
  • For activities that need to be captured for System-wide, campus-wide, or interdepartmental purposes
  • Five alphanumeric characters:
    • Alpha designation of the Business Unit is the first character except for programs affecting multiple campuses which use an X as the first character to indicate that it is a cross-campus program
    • Type of program is specified in the second through fifth characters (see chart below)
  • Current examples of programs classified in this ChartField include:


PeopleSoft Program Number Range Description
L0000-L3999 Endowments, Additional Endowment Income Accounts
L4000-L5999 Expendable Gift Accounts
L6000-L6999 Loans
L7000-L7999 Agency
L8000-L8099 Extension/College of Agriculture
L8100-L8299 Capital State Appropriation
L8300-L8399 Bond Proceeds
L8400-L8499 Capital Grants
L8500-L8599 Capital Gifts
L8600-L8699 System Facilities Plant Funds
L8700-L9999 Campus Initiatives (e.g. Food for 21st Century), Reserves, other programs not yet defined for a single campus
X8700-X9999 Campus Initiatives, Reserves, other programs not yet defined that affect multiple campuses

*L denotes campus indicator/Business Unit



  • R0003 – UMR Aerospace Engineering Scholarship
  • S6012 – UMSL O.M. Scott Loan
  • K7007 – UMKC Alumni Association

Reviewed 2019-08-05