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Debbie Caselman


1105 Carrie Francke
Suite 108
Columbia, MO 65211
Telephone: (573) 884-0915 


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  • Default is 00 if a detail project is not used
  • Detail Project is required for the below listed projects (future projects may be identified and required as needed)
  • Eight alphanumeric characters:
    • For non-grant projects
      • Alpha designation of the Business Unit is the first character
      • Type of project is the second character, for non-grants
      • Sequential numbers are the third through eighth characters
    • For grant projects
      • Projects converted from legacy system and older projects will have alpha designation of the Business Unit as the first character and G or 0 as the second character
      • Current projects are created sequentially using all numeric characters
  • Used for activities that are temporary in duration and for which revenues and expenditures may be accumulated over more than one fiscal year
  • Must have defined start and end dates that may not correspond to a fiscal year
  • Current Projects include:


Project Names  Project Number*
Missouri Alzheimer Program LAxxxxxx
Research Board LBxxxxxx
Construction LCxxxxxx, LPxxxxxx
Departmental LDxxxxxx
Continuing Education LExxxxxx
Grants and Contracts LGxxxxxx, Lxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx
University Research Council LRxxxxxx
Student Organizations LSxxxxxx
Nexus e-commerce EXxxxxxx

*L denotes campus indicator/Business Unit

Reviewed 2017-10-17.