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Travel and Expenses


Travel and Expenses (T&E) - Cardholder/Traveler Training Guide​​​

This guide includes the following topics:​​​​

  • Getting Started in PeopleSoft T&E
    • Navigating in T&E
  • Preparing Travel Authorizations
    • Overview of Travel Authorization Entry Page
    • Creating Travel Authorizations
    • Attaching Documents to a Travel Authorization
    • Viewing Travel Authorizations
    • Modifying Travel Authorizations
    • Copying Travel Authorization Expense Lines
    • Adding Multiple Travel Authorization Expense Lines
    • Withdrawing a Travel Authorization
    • Canceling Approved Travel Authorizations
    • Deleting Travel Authorizations
  • Preparing Cash Advances
    • Creating Cash Advances
    • Attaching Documents to a Cash Advance
    • Viewing Cash Advances
    • Modifying Cash Advances
    • Deleting Cash Advances
    • Withdrawing Cash Advances
  • Preparing Expense Reports - Overview of Expense Report Page
    Basic ER Procedures:
    • Creating Expense Reports
    • Attaching Documents to an Expense Report
    • Viewing or Modifying Default Accounting
    • Viewing or Modifying Accounting Details
    • Viewing Expense Reports
    • Modifying Expense Reports
    • Deleting Expense Reports
    • Withdrawing Expense Reports
  • Preparing Expense Reports - Credit Card Reconciliation and My Wallet ER Procedures
    • Viewing My Wallet Transaction Details
    • Applying My Wallet Transactions to Expense Reports
    • Attaching Documents to a My Wallet Transaction
  • Preparing Expense Reports - Other ER Procedures
    • Copying Expense Report Expense Lines
    • Adding Multiple Expense Lines Using Quick-Fill
    • Viewing Analytics for an Expense Report
    • Applying Cash Advances to an Expense Report
    • Correcting Expense Line Errors
    • Splitting Receipts
    • Using Per Diem Deductions to Adjust for Meals Provided
  • Viewing Employee Expense/Payment History
    • Viewing Employee Expense Transaction History
    • Viewing Employee Payment History
  • Associated Procedures
    • Setting Up an Entry Delegate
    • Creating User Templates
    • Updating Bank Account Information
    • Updating Accounting Defaults
    • Viewing or Modifying User Defaults
    • Navigating to the T&E Location Form
  • Travel and Expense (T&E) - Changes to User Defaults PDF file
  • Travel and Expenses (T&E) - Create an Expense Report 2-Page Desk ReferencePDF file



Click the link below for answers to frequently asked questions about travel policy and traveler and approver tasks in T&E. New questions will be added to this document as they come up, so check back periodically for the updates.

Travel & Expense System FAQPDF file

Expense Report Status and Approval Action GuidePDF file




If you need assistance with PeopleSoft Travel & Expenses, contact Training and Support Services.

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Reviewed 2022-02-18

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