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Travel and Expenses


Travel and Expenses (T&E) - Cardholder/Traveler Training Guide​​​

This guide includes the following topics:​​​​

  • Getting Started in PeopleSoft T&E
    • Navigating in T&E
  • Preparing Travel Authorizations
    • Overview of Travel Authorization Entry Page
    • Creating Travel Authorizations
    • Attaching Documents to a Travel Authorization
    • Viewing Travel Authorizations
    • Modifying Travel Authorizations
    • Copying Travel Authorization Expense Lines
    • Adding Multiple Travel Authorization Expense Lines
    • Withdrawing a Travel Authorization
    • Canceling Approved Travel Authorizations
    • Deleting Travel Authorizations
  • Preparing Cash Advances
    • Creating Cash Advances
    • Attaching Documents to a Cash Advance
    • Viewing Cash Advances
    • Modifying Cash Advances
    • Deleting Cash Advances
    • Withdrawing Cash Advances
  • Preparing Expense Reports - Overview of Expense Report Page
    Basic ER Procedures:
    • Creating Expense Reports
    • Attaching Documents to an Expense Report
    • Viewing or Modifying Default Accounting
    • Viewing or Modifying Accounting Details
    • Viewing Expense Reports
    • Modifying Expense Reports
    • Deleting Expense Reports
    • Withdrawing Expense Reports
  • Preparing Expense Reports - Credit Card Reconciliation and My Wallet ER Procedures
    • Viewing My Wallet Transaction Details
    • Applying My Wallet Transactions to Expense Reports
    • Attaching Documents to a My Wallet Transaction
  • Preparing Expense Reports - Other ER Procedures
    • Copying Expense Report Expense Lines
    • Adding Multiple Expense Lines Using Quick-Fill
    • Viewing Analytics for an Expense Report
    • Applying Cash Advances to an Expense Report
    • Correcting Expense Line Errors
    • Splitting Receipts
    • Using Per Diem Deductions to Adjust for Meals Provided
  • Viewing Employee Expense/Payment History
    • Viewing Employee Expense Transaction History
    • Viewing Employee Payment History
  • Associated Procedures
    • Setting Up an Entry Delegate
    • Creating User Templates
    • Updating Bank Account Information
    • Updating Accounting Defaults
    • Viewing or Modifying User Defaults
    • Navigating to the T&E Location Form
  • Travel and Expense (T&E) - Changes to User Defaults PDF file
  • Travel and Expenses (T&E) - Create an Expense Report 2-Page Desk ReferencePDF file



Click the link below for answers to frequently asked questions about travel policy and traveler and approver tasks in T&E. New questions will be added to this document as they come up, so check back periodically for the updates.

Expense Report Status and Approval Action GuidePDF file




If you need assistance with PeopleSoft Travel & Expenses, contact Training and Support Services.

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Reviewed 2023-09-14

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