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Standard Form Contracts

There are three types of repetitive contracts that may be delegated to designated administrative staff as standard forms. UM Real Estate and Business Services assists campus staff in obtaining delegation and it maintains the standard form files:

  1. Standard Forms - no review by General Counsel, with signature delegation
    A Vice Chancellor, Chancellor or Vice President may request delegation to a designated Business Officer by submitting a standard form request. With approval by the General Counsel, the Vice President for Finance and the Associate Vice President for Management Services, a standard form contract may be executed by the designated individual without review by the General Counsel's Office or by UM Real Estate and Business Services. Some of these contracts allow fill-in-the blank spaces or attached exhibits. If there are terms or conditions or unusual provisions added in these spaces, the usual reviews must be done.
  2. Standard Forms - no review by General Counsel, no signature delegation
    Anyone may request that the General Counsel's Office approve the language in a contract that is regularly used, and that with such approval, the unmodified contract will not require review by the General Counsel each time it is executed.

    However, signature authority is still retained by the AVP. If any provisions are added to the form that are outside the normal scope of the contract, review by General Counsel is necessary.

  3. Non-Standard Forms - review by General Counsel, signature delegation
    Certain categories of contracts may be delegated for signature by campus administrators. These contracts still require review by General Counsel's staff.

Reviewed 2019-12-23