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UM Real Estate and Business Services provides a variety of miscellaneous services to support the business functions of the University. These include, but are not limited to the following:


SESAC, BMI, ASCAP and GMR are licensing agents for use of copyrighted music or performance materials. Paula Schlager, with assistance from UM Real Estate and Business Services, maintains these licenses for all campuses. Annual payments are made through the UM Real Estate and Business Services account, and campuses are billed for their share of the payments.

Unclaimed Property

UM Real Estate and Business Services works with the Missouri State Treasurer's Office to file claims for assets held by the state as unclaimed property. Searches are also made for unclaimed property held by other states. Receipts from these claims, where it is possible to identify the campus, are returned to the appropriate Vice Chancellors of Administration.

Special Projects

UM Real Estate and Business Services staff members have served on special projects committees, such as the initial implementation of PeopleSoft AP/PO, and the Incidental Expenditures Committee.

Reviewed 2019-12-23